Living with a Runner

There’s nothing like having company over to expose your extremes.

As we went through an absolutely perfect weekend with my sister-in-law, I couldn’t help but realize just how different a runner’s life can be from that of most everyone else. My husband has long ago accepted these changes, but in the beginning even he was reluctant to relent.

One morning he wanted to get an early start to somewhere and I said, “But I have to run. I can’t skip my run.” I think his comeback was something like, “Everything doesn’t have to revolve around your run.”

It’s not just the run.

I eat every few hours. We discussed our schedule one morning this weekend over coffee. My husband said, “We’ll pick Marcia up along the way and go into town for a late breakfast.” My sister-in-law said, “Oh, so we’ll wait to have breakfast then.” Well, no. In fact, we explained, I would have breakfast, a snack in the car on the way to breakfast, and then have breakfast again.

Then there’s the nap.

My day revolves around the nap. In my defense, I’ve read that “Runners are a napping bunch.” My husband is not a runner but he’s adapted to this routine and now we both enjoy stopping the day for a little siesta. Stopping the day is not something everyone even considers. And when you have company at your house, that stop means less time for sightseeing, shopping or both!

After the nap is another snack and preparations for dinner. Every event in the day is sandwiched between a meal. We have friends that don’t eat a large dinner. It makes socializing a bit of a challenge when your evening is the meal.

Then just as everyone is getting warmed up to a movie or a night out, I’m getting ready for bed. Getting up early is part of the routine.

So, I would like to send out a great, big thank you to my husband, my sister-in-law and all the other guests from days past that have adapted to this runner’s schedule.image

Learning to live with a runner must be kind of like learning to live with the ivy in my yard. You just have to appreciate the ground it covers.


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